Not just another parenting blog

Hello, I’m Courtney, author of Wimbledon Mummy. I am mum to two children, age two and five, living in Southwest London.

Like many parents, after having worked for many years, I gave up my job (at least temporarily) to bring up my children. It was a difficult decision, but it is hands down one of the best ones I have ever made. And I am very grateful that it’s an option for me. It is very important to me to give my kids the freedom of a countryside childhood whilst still maintaining some of my former city lifestyle and sense of self. As a parent it’s so easy to lose a part of yourself as your children naturally take priority. But I’ve realised that you can still do the things you love whilst also being a great parent!

To be clear, the concept of #thewimbledon life and Wimbledon Mummy is not about living a glamorous life or being a “yummy mummy”. It’s about living a life where city meets countryside, a life of trying to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, healthy eating and living and gaining as much enjoyment as possible from the little things in life. You don’t have to live in Wimbledon to enjoy my blog – my version of the Wimbledon Life is something that anyone living anywhere could achieve if they wanted to.

On my blog you will find recipes, ideas for kids and families, accounts of my experiences, parenting tips, and more! There’s also a local section for anyone living in or around Southwest London.

Work with me

Honesty and authenticity are very important to me. I only work with brands I genuinely love and would use for myself or my family. If a company does not fit with my values or I tried it and it didn’t work for me, I cannot recommend it to my followers. On the other hand, if I love a product, I will sing its praises and do my utmost to promote it.

What can I do for your brand?

If your brand is a good fit, I am able to work with you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and wimbledonmummy.com. Ideally I would like to form lasting relationships with brands I truly love. I will work hard to advertise your brand in a genuine, enthusiastic way. Feel free to send me an email to wimbledonmummy@gmail.com to or download a copy of Wimbledon Mummy’s Media Kit.

Which brands have I worked with?

I have most recently worked with WaitroseBimble, Sanctuary Spa, Yeouth Skincare, Trunki & Liz Earle Beauty Co amongst others. You can check my Instagram account @wimbledon_mummy to see my most recent work.


Please note that all opinions on this blog are entirely my own except where explicitly stated. In all cases I adhere to all legal requirements and all sponsored content and ads will be disclosed in accordance with ASA guidelines.