What to Cook this Weekend, Friday 17 January

This week has been a bit of a weird one weather-wise, with fierce winds and heavy rain, followed by warmth and humidity, followed by chilly air and sunny spells…every time I’ve ventured out, I’ve had to prepare for anything! When the weather is this unsettled, it makes me in the mood for comfort food! And even in Veganuary, there’s still plenty to choose from!

Kale with chana & coconut

If you’re in the mood for a curry tonight, you can try this vegetarian Kale with Chana and Coconut dish by Jane Hornby for BBC goodfood. You can have it as it is, or switch the butter for olive oil or butter alternative and the yoghurt for coconut yoghurt to make it vegan. It would be most delicious over basmati rice and served with a garlic naan!

You could make my Chinese Style Sesame Cauliflower which really hits the spot if you’re craving something sweet and sour [coming shortly, apologies for the inconvenience]. I serve it with jasmine rice and broccoli sautéed in garlic and soya sauce, the whole thing sprinkled with dried chilli flakes! For something a little simpler and quick to make, try my Brussels Sprout & Winter Cabbage Egg Fried Rice (omit the egg if you’re keeping it vegan).


If a big breakfast is more your style, try this colourful Vegan Fry Up recipe by delicious. which won’t leave you missing the bacon!

If you’ve managed to stick with Dry January so far, I have a couple new alcohol free cocktails for you! Try my Blue Coconut Martini for something a little tropical or my Juniper Berry Gin Alternative which is great served with tonic and a sprig of rosemary!


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