Love your body: Wimbledon Mummy’s four week strength training plan for women WEEK ONE

Make 2020 your happiest and healthiest year yet! In my experience it only takes four weeks to make a real difference to your level of fitness. My four week strength training plan is aimed at women of all fitness levels, as each of the exercises can be adapted to suit you. My plan is ideal for mums who would benefit from building core strength lost during pregnancy and childbirth as well as strengthening the muscles used to lift your children and to get up off the floor (something we all do countless times per day!). Within four weeks you will become noticeably stronger and you may also see some increased definition.

Please note that I am not a health & fitness expert, I created this plan based on the exercises that have worked best for me and my mum friends. Please consult your physician before beginning any new fitness plan, especially if you are pregnant or have a health condition.

Minimal equipment is required. My workouts can be done anywhere, as long as you have:

  • a mat (a yoga mat is fine)
  • a set of dumbbells at an appropriate weight for you (you may find after a couple of weeks you need to go up a kilo)
  • Something you can use as a timer (e.g. your phone, watch or fitness tracker)

There are three strength sessions per week, ideally with a recovery day in between. Each session is a full body workout. This is not a weight loss programme, however if you wish to lose weight while you tone up, you can reduce the number of calories you are consuming (a fitness tracker app would be ideal to help you with this) and/or add cardio workouts in between the strength sessions (I like to power walk with the buggy or run!).

Do each exercise for one minute and repeat three times. Click the links to see how each exercise is performed. Each session should take almost exactly an hour (with a short break in between sets).


Session 1 x 3

Session 2 x 3

Session 3 x 3

I will post Week 2’s sessions next Wednesday so don’t forget to sign up to follow my blog and follow me on Instagram @wimbledon_mummy so you don’t miss it!

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

Good luck!

Wimbledon Mummy x

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