5 easy ways to make your home and life a little more autumnal

Light an autumn scented candle. I find that with the shorter days and darker evenings, something as simple as lighting a candle can add instant cosiness to any room. Just make sure the candles you choose are made from non-toxic wax such as beeswax, coconut or soy wax. Standard wax candles can release harmful toxins into your home. I recently bought a couple of soy wax candles from The Nomad Society and I just love them. One is pumpkin spice scented and the other smoke and wood. They both add a wonderful, autumnal scent to our home. Just make sure you burn your candle safely and place them out of reach of children.

Change your light, summery perfume/ aftershave to something a bit richer and spicier. I find that scent is heavily connected to memory – do you still remember the smell of your grandmother’s perfume? Or your mother’s baking? Or the aftershave your first love wore? Equally, scent can make you feel either fresh and summery or cosy and autumnal. I use a light cucumber scent by Marc Jacobs (Cucumber by Marc Jacobs) for daytime in the spring and summer and a fun, vibrant perfume by Chanel (Coco Chanel Mademoiselle) for spring and summer evenings and in the autumn and winter, I wear a spiced vanilla scent by Christian Dior (Christian Dior Addict) in the daytime and rich, dark and alluring scent (Tom Ford Black Orchid) in the evening. I find spritzing these on instantly changes my mood.

Add squashes and root veg to your diet. They’re in season now and so versatile! Try my pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice crumb cake and winter squash curry! For an autumnal snack, try my sweet potato spice oat bars. They’re no bake and simple to make!

Change your colour scheme. Add splashes of autumnal earth tones such as browns, ochres, rusts, olives and jewel tones such as plums, burgandys, deep blues and emerald greens. You can do this either in your wardrobe, your makeup, your home or all of the above! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a whole new wardrobe, a new set of makeup or new furniture for your house. You’d be surprised at the difference an ochre scarf, a Burgundy lipstick or a rust coloured pillow can make! fullsizeoutput_3915

Decorate your house for autumn. Add an autumn wreath (wreaths aren’t just for Christmas!), strategically place some colourful leaves, acorns and pinecones on your mantel or side tables or as a centrepiece. I collect real leaves outside and replace them weekly. I find they dry well inside and last the whole week! You can also dry some seasonal fruit in a dehydrator or in the oven and string it up with the autumn leaves to make autumnal garlands or place it in a bowl with some cinnamon sticks and star anise for a pretty and fragrant decoration. img_2451


More easy ideas next week…

Happy autumn!

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