Review: Yeouth Glycolic Acid 30% Gel Peel (Ad)

3 April 2019

Hello my lovely readers! Just a quick update on how I’m getting on with the YEOUTH Glycolic Acid 30% Gel Peel…I’ve now been using it over a period of 6 weeks, although I missed two weeks in between as we were on holiday. It can be used consistently once or twice a week for up to six weeks at a time so I will continue this week and next. From all I have read about glycolic peels, the benefits continue over a period of weeks and months as the skin repairs itself so I expect to continue to see further improvement. So far I really feel that my skin texture has improved and the fine lines on my forehead have begun to diminish. Scroll down for my ‘before’ photo. Here is my forehead this morning, with no makeup, straight out of the shower:

You can make up your own mind but I think the lines definitely look less prominent! And I have not experienced any redness, peeling or irritation (although I do have a skin type that generally responds very well to peels and other products).

Don’t forget, if you would like you would like to try the product for yourself, you can follow this link and use promo code SOCIAL20 to get 20% off on your first order from!

Please note that I was gifted this product by YEOUTH Skincare but all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

3 March 2019

I have always been lucky to have pretty good skin from an ageing point of view. Most people tend to think I’m a little younger than I am. That’s either down to genetics (my mum has always had really good, young looking skin for her age) or to the fact that I started wearing SPF 50, rain or shine, when I was 26. I have worn it every day with no exceptions since then and I think protecting my very fair skin from the sun has prevented most of the worst effects of ageing.

I have never had a real fixed skincare routine with exfoliation and moisturising and over the past year or so my regime had slipped even further. With two children to look after and my dad’s illness and eventual death, taking care of my skin had been the last thing on my mind during the past year or two and it was starting to show. I finally decided I needed to do something about my skin, so I booked a couple of facials in December and January. I was starting to get back on track, but my uneven skin tone (the result of two pregnancies) and the fine lines which had recently emerged on my forehead, were really starting to bother me. The aesthetician had recommended that I have a peel, but between looking after the children and other commitments, I hadn’t had the time. I made a note to myself that I would look for something I could do myself at home online but I really didn’t know what to look for.

Below is an extreme close up of my forehead (it has not been retouched in any way and no filters have been applied. I am also not wearing any makeup. This photo was taken in the natural light of my bathroom) where you can see my freckles and fine lines. I’m cringing as I post this but it’s all for the sake of providing you with a realistic review. We can call this my “before” photo.

Then, out of the blue, I was approached by a representative of Yeouth Skincare on Instagram who asked if I would like to try Yeouth’s 30% Glycolic Acid Gel Peel in exchange for a post on Instagram and a review. I wanted to jump at the chance as this sounded like exactly what I was looking for, but I am not willing to use anything that is against my principles or full of chemicals so before I agreed I went online and researched Yeouth Skincare. I was pleased to read that their products are cruelty free, paraben free, sulphate free, GMO free and fragrance free. Their website is bright, uncluttered and easy to navigate. The YEOUTH brand was the creation of a cosmetic chemist, Kevin Mallory, who has over 25 years formulation experience in the beauty industry. He is also the owner of the company. All the products in the line are manufactured in an owner-operated state of the art facility and all products are made using the highest quality, medical grade ingredients available. And I was excited to see that they have a blog which is full of skincare tips! I was happy to go ahead. Although the product was gifted, my review below is honest, accurate and entirely my own opinion and has not been influenced in any way by YEOUTH skincare or any representative thereof.

The product arrived in a small white cardboard box with the YEOUTH logo and colours (green, black and blue)on the front and top lid and was labelled Glycolic Acid 30% Gel Peel Retinol Green Tea. The side panels contain information about the product, disclaimers, warnings and a list of the ingredients. I noticed that list of ingredients is fairly short, with the primary ingredient being water, followed by glycolic acid, which is a good sign. Further down there are fruit and flower extracts.

The product comes in a small, clear bottle with a pump lid, all very streamlined and in keeping with YEOUTH’s website and outer packaging. It was accompanied by an instruction leaflet with very clear instructions on how to use the product. It is very important to follow the step by step procedure in the product insert as this is a medical grade peel and the misuse of the product can lead to injury or severe burns. This is outlined in both the insert and on the box.

The insert states that you should discontinue use of any products containing AHA, BHA or vitamin A 48 hours before using the peel. I have been using a 5% retinol serum for the last few months so followed the instructions and discontinued this. The instructions then say to carry out a patch test on a small area of skin near the site which will be treated and wait 48 to 72 hours to see if redness or irritation develops before completing your first peel. I applied a thin layer of the product to a small patch of skin under my chin using a cotton pad, after cleansing my face, just before I was about to go to bed. I left it on for two minutes as instructed on the leaflet and rinsed it off using cool water. I felt a very slight tingling while the product was first applied to my skin which subsided after the first minute or so. I then kept an eye on the area over the next 48 hours and am pleased to note that I did not experience any redness or irritation whatsoever.

After completing the patch test I determined it was safe to carry out my first peel so I gently cleansed my skin and applied the peel with a cotton pad to my whole face, taking care to avoid the eyes, nose and mouth areas. Again, I felt a slight tingling during the first minute which then subsided. After two minutes I rinsed the product off with cool water, moisturised and went to bed. I might just be imagining it, but I swear my skin looks ever so slightly brighter and smoother. I asked my husband and he said he couldn’t tell any difference but I definitely think at the very least my skin feels slightly softer.

It is very important to apply SPF 15-30+ sunscreen every time you go outside whilst using this product, so I don’t need to make any changes to my SPF routine as I already wear SPF 50.

The peel can be used weekly over a period of four to six weeks and as my skin has tolerated the product well so far I intend to continue with the treatment. Stay tuned for weekly updates to this post to see how I get on! Follow my blog or follow me on Instagram @everlyskids and turn on notifications for my stories so you don’t miss any updates!

If you would like you would like to try the product for yourself, you can follow this link and use promo code SOCIAL20 to get 20% off on your first order from!

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