Activity: A week in the life of a child

Have you ever wondered what life looks like through your children’s eyes? I certainly have, so I handed my four year old son his Kidizoom Duo camera and set him the task of photographing anything he found interesting for a whole week! Granted, a large proportion of the photos were of walls, floors and indistinguishable shapes and he hasn’t quite yet understood that you have to hold the camera still until it clicks, but all in all he did a really great job! Here are some of his highlights. H helped write the captions!

My little sister

Mummy concentrating

My sister in her pram


I made duckies with my camera

My legs and feet with my skeleton pyjama bottoms

My clever daddy built this LEGO car for me!

My sister has tiny feet!

Here’s our cat Bailey

It’s the bus stop!

There’s a lot of food at Waitrose!

It’s a barber shop – I know because of the swirly thing

I like to press the button

The library – Mummy said I had to be quiet

It’s me! This is a ‘selfie’

I made Mummy turn around and go back so I could take a photo of this chain

This was a cafe

A big tyre and a man in an orange jacket

My sister. I was on my ‘skateboard’ (AKA the buggy board)

Some bins

A lamppost – look how tall it is!

More trucks!

Back to Waitrose! I liked taking pictures of the food on the shelves!

The robot I coloured. I’m good at staying in the lines!

This was the mac & cheese with peas Mummy made for me. I ate it all!

A rainbow

The fire engine Mummy built for me. It wasn’t finished yet.

I drew some fruit

Mummy put all these things on the floor so she could take a picture for her phone.

I made a picture of bubbles!

That’s my daddy!

I drew a tree!

My sister’s having her bedtime bottle with Mummy

That’s Mummy. Her hair was still all wet as she had just had a shower.

White petals on the pavement. They looked like snow.

I made hearts on the road!

There was a policewoman walking in front us

Tree branches

The butchers in Waitrose

A bin!

My Mummy! (I love the perspective on this as it shows how little he is!)

Mummy’s painting

The car ramp and vacuum cleaner

Mummy’s H’s and I’s framed hand prints

Mummy building H’s Playmobil fire engine


Fire engine to the rescue!

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