Update to New Year, old me

Hi friends,

I promised an update to my New Year Resolutions, so here it is! I wanted to do something a little different this time so I have recorded a video update to my blog post New Year, old me, where I talk through some of my resolutions.

I realised after I finished recording that I had forgotten to mention my resolutions to make more time for myself and to have time alone time with my husband – I am happy to report that both have been successful! We have had our first date night of 2019 a couple of weeks ago while my lovely mother-in-law looked after the kids and further date nights are planned for at least monthly. I have also started making time for myself by:

  • having a facial once a month;
  • having some ‘me time’ every Sunday for an hour or two while my husband looks after the kids;
  • putting my daughter in crèche for a couple hours once a week while I have a coffee and work on my blog;
  • taking my daughter to a class once a week where she plays with the other toddlers and I get to talk to my new mummy friends; and
  • meeting a friend for dinner once a month.

I am also going to bed a bit earlier and getting more sleep. It really has made such a difference to my wellbeing!

I hope you enjoy my video!

If the sound doesn’t work for you on the blog, my video is also available on YouTube: New Year, old me: update!

Lots of love,



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