5 homemade gourmet Christmas gifts

1. Nigella Lawson’s chilli jam

With little flecks of pepper suspended in this ruby red jam, it looks like Christmas in a jar! I like to put mine in pretty recycled Bonne Maman jars (washed and sterilised, of course), wrap the lid in natural coloured tissue paper, tie a ribbon around it and add some holly berries. Voilà, the perfect gift!

2. BBC goodfood’s vanilla fudge

by: Cassie Best

My grandma used to make the most melty, chocolaty, milk chocolate fudge every year for Christmas, so for me, nothing says Christmas like fudge! Here is an easy vanilla version by Cassie Best for BBC goodfood. Wrap it in tissue paper (first wrap it in greaseproof paper) or put it in a pretty recycled cardboard box

3. Jamie Oliver’s ‘Best eggnog in the world’

Need a gift to take with you to a holiday party? Put this in a pretty jar

If you’re not a fan of traditional eggnog, Jamie Oliver also has a delicious recipe for chocolate eggnog!

4. Kimchi

Yes – you read that correctly. Kimchi makes a great gift, especially for those who are health conscious, a little bit trendy or who just like a fermented flavour (hint: anyone who likes pickles will probably like kimchi and it goes VERY well with any kind of Korean food, eggs and fish. You can even make sandwiches with it – avocado and kimchi would be divine!). I use the basic kimchi recipe that comes with the Lakeland fermentation jar, however I add coriander and pak choi to the mix (and reduce some of the Chinese cabbage) to add some extra colour and flavour. It looks very Christmassy with the red chillies and green coriander! Fermentation time is 2-6 days so start making it soon for it to be ready in time to give as a Christmas gift. It will need to be stored in the fridge for a couple of weeks before using so be sure to write the date it will be read on the jar!

5. BBC goodfood Christmas chocolate bark

by: Lulu Grimes

You can get the kids involved in making this one! Nothing says Christmas like chocolate bark, especially when it’s decorated with cute reindeer! Fill up a mason jar with this bark and tie a bow around it for a spectacular looking present!

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