School lunch box inspiration (with recipes!)

If you’re anything like me, you’re forever trying to come up with new, healthy ideas for your child’s lunch box (and most importantly food they will actually eat!). I would like to share some my ideas with you!

I try to incorporate most the food groups, but actually what matters most is what they are getting in a day, rather than for each meal. So if you notice a food group missing, it’s more than made up for during another meal. I will continue updating this post so keep checking in for new ideas!

BBC Goodfood’s Kids’ lunch box recipes

I’m loving BBC Goodfood’s kids’ lunchbox recipes. Check them out for some inspiration!

^ Lunchbox

• Quorn ‘ham’ wrapped breadsticks

• cheddar cheese cubes

• sweet red pepper

• mini cucumbers

• raspberry Yeo Valley yoghurt

^ Lunchbox:

• Organix Goodies carrot sticks

• 1/2 roast beef sandwich with butter, lettuce and little gem lettuce

• cucumber slices and seedless orange segments

^ Lunchbox:

• cheddar cheese cubes

• fresh (i.e. not canned) black olives

• sweet red peppers, sliced

• cucumber, sliced

• slice homemade rye bread with caraway seeds

• ripe pear

^ Lunchbox:

homemade pork sausages (salt and nitrite/nitrate free!)

• ketchup for dipping

• cucumber

• red pepper

• black olives

• organic strawberry yoghurt

^ Lunchbox:

• ham and cheese oatcakes

• yellow and red cherry tomatoes

• cucumber slices

• yellow kiwi

• blackberries

^ Lunchbox:

• oatcakes with cheddar cheese

• chicken breast slices

• crudités of radish, sugar snap peas and carrot

• Yeo Valley ‘little yeos’ organic strawberry yoghurt

^ Lunchbox:

• boiled new potatoes with pesto

• mature cheddar cheese and radish, carrot and sugar snap pea crudités

homemade sugar free applesauce with a sprinkling of cinnamon

^ Friday treat lunchbox:

• homemade pizza, cold

• cucumber slices

• red and yellow tomato halves

• the Collective Apple and black currant ‘duckies’ yoghurt

• homemade pumpkin spice oat bar

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