What to cook this weekend – Halloween edition

Halloween has been one of my favourite times of the year for as long as I can remember. I have such fond memories of dressing up as a witch and going around the neighbourhood in the dark, knocking on doors of houses draped in cobwebs, guarded by skeletons or with otherworldly sounds emanating from within. I would happily (but with more than a hint of excited apprehension) shout “Trick or Treat!” and fill up my bucket with more sweets than I could ever eat in a month. And believe me, having grown up not far from Sleepy Hollow, New York (if you don’t know the legend, click here for Wikipedia’s explanation), where I grew up, people really know how to celebrate this spooky holiday!

Now in my adulthood Halloween continues to be magical. Even before I had my children I continued to carve jack-o-lanterns every year and ate some sweets in homage to Halloweens past. So now that my little boy is four years old and can really appreciate all Halloween has to offer, I am making sure he gets the full (but not too scary) experience! Keep an eye on my blog as next week will be full of Halloween craft and day out ideas for kids! Read on for my favourite Halloween recipe picks! Happy Trick or Treating!

Delicious Magazine Halloween cookies

These Halloween bat and ghost cookies are creepy, yet cute and would be perfect for kids to decorate this weekend or next week during the half term!

Delicious Magazine jelly worms

Delicious magazine’s wiggly, wobbly jelly worms would make a great addition to any Halloween party snack spread! They are super easy to make and look quite realistic in their crushed biscuit soil!

Delicious Magazine Spooky chocolate cupcakes

These Spooky cobweb chocolate cupcakes would be perfect for a child’s Halloween birthday party!

Delicious Magazine Blood Splatter cake

This impressive and terrifying cake might be a bit too scary for kids but would make a great addition to a grown up Halloween party!

Delicious Magazine toffee apples

These toffee apples, which graced The cover of Delicious Magazine’s autumn edition, are as beautiful as they are delicious! As well as Halloween they would be a great treat for bonfire night or Thanksgiving!

Delicious Magazine Witches broomsticks

These witches broomsticks are essentially cheese straws (who doesn’t love a cheese straw?) and they would be super cute as part of a kids lunch or as a pre-dinner party snack!

Or as a change from all the sweet treats, why not try one of BBC goodfood’s healthy Halloween ideas, like this delicious pumpkin hummus by Lulu Grimes!

Have a great weekend!

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